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Why is this table so hard?
The X-ray table is made out of a special material. This material needs to be thin, so that it does not absorb the X-rays, yet strong enough to support body weight.
Why are multiple X-rays of one body part taken?
Taking X-ray images of various body parts always requires multiple views in order to see all aspects of the anatomy being evaluated. The number of X-ray pictures taken depends upon the anatomy being imaged. Some body parts only require two views, usually a frontal view and a side view. Other more complex structures require several X-ray images, including angled and oblique views.
How safe is an X-ray exam?
Although it is understood that X-ray energy is not good for the tissues of the body, the amount of X-ray energy used for medical X-ray procedures is significantly low enough as to be considered very safe. The benefit of the information gained from medical imaging far out weighs the risk of harm. This has certain exceptions, for example, pregnant women should not receive X-rays. Children should have lead shielding to cover certain organs that are more sensitive to X-ray.