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Unique engineering and award winning design provides superior image quality compared to other “Open” MRI systems on the market today.

Open MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is considered the most reliable imaging method today. IRG has over 15 years of professional experience in this medical science.

IRG’s Open MRI provides a system that is open on all sides, ideal for everyday people, larger patients and claustrophobics.

  • Strongest MRI Imaging magnet of its kind
  • Shorter exam times
  • Highest resolution images
  • Greatest diagnostic potential
  • No claustrophobia
  • Ideal for pediatric and elderly patients
  • Our system can accommodate patients up to 550 pounds
  • All IRG Open MRI Units are A.C.R. accredited

Claustrophobia is less of a factor with Open MRI because there is no tunnel effect. Continued technological improvements allow for greater results with IRG’s Open MRI state of the art equipment. The comfort allowed with an Open MRI means that sedation of an anxious patient is rarely needed.